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Tanzania as a country has many parks and different activities to be done when you reach here, but most of the time these are conducted using 4WD vehicles. An adventurous bike riding to various places in Tanzania gives a visitor more wide chance to explore the beauty of the country. With the escort of vehicle(s) this tour will take you to the paved and rough road to hills to experience different landscape and visit the villages and indigenous. The rides don't have a specific distance as you get tired you can use the car but we will decide the distance expected to be covered before starting.

Our vehicle(s) will be having food and bottled water for you and other equipment depending on your choice. Any fit person who likes bike riding can join the trip and enjoy the exploration. People who come with us enjoy the active outdoors and want something different in a holiday.

Mountain Bike Riding - Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive from your country and meet our guide at the Kilimanjaro International Airport then get transferred to your hotel in Moshi. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 2: After breakfast departure with our picnic lunch to the first camp near Marangu. Short bike ride (8-10 miles) to camp at Marangu. Dinner and lodging in camp.

Day 3: Continue on trail from Marangu to Useri (20 miles). Picnic lunch en route. Camp near Wachagga village of Useri. Riders depart from camp while crew loads vehicle. Camp crew goes ahead to set next camp. Support vehicles sweep behind riders.

Day 4: Continue on trail from Useri to Rongai (20 miles). Picnic lunch en route. First night's camp at Rongai.

Day 5: Full day at Rongai, hiking in forest and exploring area. Second night's camp at Rongai.

Day 6: Continue on trail from Rongai to Ol Molog (20 miles). Picnic lunch en route. Camp near Maasai village of Ol Molog.

Day 7: Continue on trail from Ol Molog to Ndarakwai Private Game Reserve (20 miles). Picnic lunch en route. First night's camp at Ndarakwai.

Day 8: All day in Ndarakwai. Bike riding, walking safaris and game drives. Second night's camp at Ndarakwai.

Day 9: Depart Ndarakwai to Arusha National Park for all day walking safari. Lunch en route. Return to Moshi for dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 10: All day to relax and explore Moshi town. Shopping and sightseeing. Return flight to your country or continue on with optional trips in Tanzania and Zanzibar.

You can pay using credit card during your arrival in Tanzania. We currently accept VISA CARD ONLY.

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